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Summer Activities in Banff, Alberta

Banff in Summertime: Warm Temperatures, Blue Skies, and Daylight that Seems to Last Forever

Wildflowers in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Kootenay National Park, BC, CanadaBanff, Alberta and Banff National Park are among the most popular summer vacation destinations in Western Canada, as well as all of North America. Our high latitudes coupled with alpine elevations make this part of the Canadian Rockies ideal for summer fun: sweeping alpine vistas, clear blue lakes, verdant forests and mountain meadows filled with wildflowers. All this under a crystal clear Albertan sky.

Despite the amount of precipitation experienced in the Canadian Rockies each year, the humidity during the summer months is low, particularly in July and August. Temperatures are nice, with average highs between 21- and 22-degrees Celsius (or about 70- to 72-degrees Fahrenheit, to you Yanks). And in summer in the Canadian Rockies you’ve got plenty of daylight for outdoor recreation (we recommend a Kicking Horse white water rafting adventure) – at the summer solstice it’s still light out after 11 p.m.!

Just a word of advice about summer in the high latitudes and elevations to be found in Banff National Park and throughout Western Canada: the UV rating in Banff National Park tends to be high. Between the altitude and the angle of the Sun people burn easily: sunscreen, sunglasses and a good wide-brimmed hat are a must when you hit the trail, hop in the boat, or hit the links for a round of golf.

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