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Canadian Rockies Zipline Tours with Valley Zipline Adventures

Take in views of the pristine Columbia Valley Wetlands and the world famous Purcell Mountain range in the Air on a Zipline Course

Soaring over the trees and local terrain of the Canadian Rockies at 50 kilometers per hour — that’s how we take in the views near Banff National Park.

Not familiar with ziplines?

A zipline consists of a pulley suspended on a steel cable mounted on an incline; the rider is attached to it by a harness and is zipped along thanks to gravity. Sound like fun? It is, trust us! It’s one of our favorite things to do when friends come to visit from out of town during the summer.

We offer a hands on experience that puts you in control of your own gear.

Valley Zipline Adventures offers 7 zipline tours zig-zagging you across the Dry Gulch valley. Short walks between each line allow guests to learn about nature first hand, discovering the history and mountain ecology of the area.

You will be using our equipment yourselves as you move throughout the course. Your friendly guides at Valley Zipline Adventures will be watching out for you at all times; keeping an eye on safety, and telling you about our unique valley as they guide you through the trees.

Be prepared to be at site for 1.5 hrs and closed-toe shoes are required. The first five zipping lines take you zig-zigging through the Dry Gulch Valleys. Our sixth line takes you to the start of the first walking trail. From here, a quick two minute jaunt will take us to our most impressive platform overlooking the Columbia Valley Wetlands. Get your cameras ready. This platform showcases a view into the wetland area and the Purcell Mountains. Our last line is our longest and fastest zipping line. Once you are back on ground, you will follow our guides back to the gear-up station where you started (a three minute walk).

It’s a great way to spend the afternoon with the family!

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