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Canmore: How to get there

A sunset shot of Banff National Park. Photo by John E. Marriott.

Nestled in the big and beautiful Canadian Rocky Mountains sits the sleepy and cozy mountain town of Canmore, Alberta. Since the Winter Olympics put their name on the map in 1988, Canmore has because a popular place to visit just like their neighbors Banff and Jasper when it comes to Canada travel.

Canmore hotels and Canmore accommodation has never been as varietal, and more importantly comfortable. Canmore inn and suites range from chateaus to Canmore mountain lodge atmospheres and Canmore bed and breakfast homes. Those planning to stay longer to ski Canada or jump into Canmore golf should look into the many Canmore rentals and condos available in town. And luckily, getting there has never been so easy.

Cars cruising along Highway 1, the Trans-Canada Highway, drive west 106 kilometers (66 miles) from Calgary. Canmore sits just outside Banff National Park near the entrance, and the drive itself is a relaxing double-lane highway through prairies and foothills leading up to tall mountains.

Canmore is the first town traffic hits when entering the Canadian Rockies from the west, and there are three exits to take that will lead cars into town. Rental cars are available at the airports, including Calgary International and airports servicing the area of Edmonton (about three hours further).

Shuttle services are provided by Sundog Transportation and Tours, and they will gladly take airport arrivals to Canmore, Banff and other locations. Mountain vacationers wanting to dive into Canada travel should stop by Canmore for their many activities, small-town charm and affordable stays in a beautiful environment.

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