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Canmore, Alberta Web Cams in the Canadian Rockies

Use our free, LIVE, User-Controlled, Picture-Taking Canadian Rockies Web Cams!

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The small, bustling town of Canmore, Alberta is waiting to be seen! With our live, user-controlled, picture-taking web cams you can watch the serene sights of daily live–either from a downtown location, or from a city-wide view. Get comfortable in front of your computer and use the Canmore, Alberta web cam today, or any of our other Canadian Rockies web cams!

To use any of the cams, first click start or “control cam” in the top right corner. Use the controls on the right-hand side to move the camera left and right, up and down, and to zoom in and out. Important note: it takes the camera 5 seconds to respond to your commands.

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