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Bow Valley Provincial Park

Information provided courtesy of Kananaskis Country

Ice, water, wind
– they have all had a part in shaping this park. Trails traverse eskers
and moraines abandoned by the retreating ice 10,000 years ago. Gnarled
aspen and Douglas fir echo the whisper of warm chinook winds that
bathe this valley throughout the year. The hypnotic boil of Many Springs,
the pastoral shores of Middle Lake, and the crystal clear depths of
the Bow River invite you to pull off the Trans Canada Highway, slow
down, and relax – those that do will be rewarded by the bugling of
elk, the frantic buzz of hummingbirds and the most spectacular collection
of wildflowers in the Rockies.

CAMPGROUND OPEN Firewood Sales Special Facilities

Bow Valley


May 1- Nov 1 At store Comfort
station; Camp store; Interpretive programs

Willow Rock

April 3- Nov 1 At store & off truck Comfort
station; Camp store; Interpretive programs


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