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Banff Heli-Skiing, Heli-Boarding

Heli-Skiing in the Canadian Rockies Means Virgin Powder and Ski Runs Through Old-Growth Forests

Heli-ski tours in the Canadian Rockies: virgin powder and extreme descents!Heli-skiing is off-trail skiing – skiing that isn’t accessible by a chairlift, but a helicopter – and the same for heli-boarding, too. It’s a great way to find virgin snow.

Why heli-ski, especially when we’ve got such great skiing right here in Western Canada’s Alberta Province? Much of it just down the road from the towns of Banff, Lake Louise and here in Jasper? Well, you kind of answered your own question.

Heli-skiers and boarders like to get away from ski resorts where conditions are tightly controlled – you can’t get fresh powder that’s any fresher than powder that’s never been skied upon! Banff Travel

Add to this long descents, steep slopes, natural terrain, old-growth forests, and its becomes harder to find a more natural and adventurous ski environment. Needless to say, heli-ski and heli-board runs are for intermediate and advanced skiers and boarders.

Typically here in the Canadian Rockies a heli-ski tour package will include a number of runs during the day; the helicopter takes you back up to the top of the mountain once you ski down.

We can recommend Banff Travel; these adventure specialists can arrange trips in the pristine Purcell Mountains where you’ll find untracked powder, shaded tree runs and surrounding scenic glaciers. Now that’s skiing!

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