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Horses With River Courses

Inside Out Experience – Horses With River Courses

See the beauty of the Rocky Mountain foothills from horseback, courtesy of Homeplace Ranch. You begin your adventure in the morning, where you’ll be introduced to the ranch, the guides, and the area. Receive a safety talk plus an introduction to basic horsemanship, then be partnered up with your horse, mount up and prepare yourself for a morning of gorgeous mountain vistas, valleys and the beauty of the foothills.

Ride through open meadows and across creeks, all while you guide tells you about the area and its unique history. The philosophy of Homeplace Ranch embraces personal enrichment beyond basic ridership, focusing on the partnership and bond between horse and rider.

Then get ready to get wet and have fun with an exhilarating whitewater rafting trip down the spectacular Kananaskis River.

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