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3 Things a Thrill-Seeker will Find Attractive in Canmore

There are two kinds of tourists: one that escapes the routine of the tiresome everyday life to relax, sleep in, eat well, and explore the must-see places in Canada, and the other that does the same in a most active way, looking to give his or her adrenaline level a boost. Canmore has something for both categories of visitors, catering to those who love to stay active in the summer and the winter and those who prefer to stay on the patio, sip a drink, and watch the first type do their thing. Today, let’s take a look at some of the things thrill-seekers will find attractive here.

Dog sled adventures

Those familiar with Jack London’s works have probably dreamed of exploring the winter wonderland on a sled pulled not by reindeers but dogs. This is something they can experience in Canmore first-hand thanks to the dog sled adventures available during the winter. Dog sledding is a unique, special way to travel – it can be romantic for some, and a true adventure for others.

Exploring the deep

Climbing into the entrails of Mother Earth, feeling the tonnes of stone and dirt above will remind anyone of how fragile and insignificant the life of a human is compared to the planet – and will surely make everyone’s heart beat at a faster pace. The caves of Canmore are perfect for such exploration – they are accessible all year long, and they can offer adventure-seekers the underground experience they seek. Caving can be as relaxing or adventurous as the visitor wishes (and his or her experience allows), and Canmore has something for each of its visitors to explore.


Rafting is another one of the activities that can be as relaxing or as dangerous and exciting as one wishes. And Canmore has them both: some of its trips are leisurely activities for families, others are on the brink of being considered extreme sports on the wildest waters in the area. Depending on the level of adrenaline needed – and the skills of the rafter – there are several options to choose from, each of them equally fun and wonderful for their participants.

And after getting your adrenaline levels to the maximum by exploring the depths of the caves, the rapids of the rivers or the winter wonderland on a dog-pulled sled as you always dreamed you would, you can relax in one of the many ways that will make your trip even more memorable.

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